The relationship between graphic arts and marketing is one of the reasons why design has gained so much importance in recent years. Every company should have an efficient marketing strategy, combined with unique and innovative design.

In order to present a brand or product and attract the attention of the public, it will be necessary to have an attractive, effective and innovative design. Graphic design is therefore one of the main tools in the design of a marketing strategy.

We can help you, at Encuny we offer the best solutions in Packaging, Point of Sale Advertising, Decoration, Signage and Ecological Furniture, among others, always looking for the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Packaging is much more than just packaging, it is the first contact the consumer has with the product and a fundamental element in conveying the brand’s personality.

We offer bespoke designs with unique finishes.

Point of Sale Advertising (POS)

POS has a major impact on consumers by influencing people and their purchasing decisions. It includes displays, posters, signs, totems and other elements carrying products or an advertising message.

We specialise in the design, production and handling of POP advertising.

Decoration and Signage

Original decoration and signage is ideal for trade fairs, events, offices and points of sale. The first visual contact with consumers is very important and that is why having a good shop window attracts the attention of more users.

Encuny offers solutions for everything from eco-friendly cardboard furniture to eye-catching decoration that conveys brand values.

Magnets and Photocalls

Create beautiful messages and souvenirs! To fill your fridge or any metallic element with colour.

And, celebrate your birthday with a personalised and fun Photocall!

Eco-friendly furniture

Tables, chairs, sofas, cardboard shelves and other furniture that can be customised with a logo or any other image to promote environmental care in the trade fair, congress and event market.

Easy to assemble and transport!