Packaging is much more than just packaging, it is the first contact the consumer has with the product and a fundamental element in conveying the personality of the brand. A complex task that is particularly relevant in the food and beverage sector.

Good packaging in line with the corporate image and the product will attract the customer and differentiate the company from the competition. Both in online and physical sales, it is an essential marketing strategy because it is the visible face of the product, which conveys perceptions and brand identity to the consumer and invites consumption.

The main purpose of packaging is to contain, protect and transmit.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

In the perfume and cosmetics sector, attractive packaging that conveys the image of the brand and conveys glamour is crucial to enchant the customer. In fact, the packaging of many perfumes and cosmetic products is an important tool for communication and seduction.

En cuanto al sector farmacéutico, el packaging de un medicamento tiene más relevancia de lo que a veces nos pueda parecer. La primera imagen del medicamento y del laboratorio es importante para transmitir calidad, seguridad y confianza.


Packaging plays a key role in ensuring that food reaches the consumer’s table in optimum condition. Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that meet the highest quality standards in terms of food safety are required. For this reason, at Encuny we work with BoFood® Organic ink and BoPack Plus acrylic varnish suitable for direct contact with food to guarantee unique and quality finishes.


Premium packaging

Premium packaging is ideal for limited editions and new product launches. It is a creative and effective opportunity to attract the consumer’s attention.

Consumer packaging

Consumer packs are a more economical way of presenting bottles. It is ideal for large productions where you want to attract the consumer’s attention through original packaging.