Display, alarm cover and totem

The display consists of an element that serves to support the sale of a product or service or to carry out a specific promotion. It is usually printed advertising such as advertising stands or posters.

They are usually very versatile displays, as they can be placed in very strategic locations such as shop windows, counters or checkout lines without being an obstacle to sales.

Display advertising is always used in order to convey something or to showcase products or print advertising in an attractive and flexible way. Sometimes these displays can be didactic so that there is an interaction with the customer. There are different types of displays and different materials to make an impact on your audience and customers. They also have the ability to adapt to any space.

The advertising totem arises because it is a fundamental tool for the dynamisation and communication of a message. This type of media is used to transmit a message in public spaces such as shopping centres, companies or events. Nowadays, the importance of an advertising totem pole lies in the fact that many companies use it as a method to attract the attention of their customers even more, besides it can have informative and advertising content at the same time, with this not only attracts the attention of customers, but also educates them in an entertaining way.